School Swimathon is a swimming programme for school children, encouraging them to improve technique and confidence, culminating in a challenge to swim further than ever before. The Swimathon Foundation and Swim England are helping pupils across the country to ‘Swim their Best’ in School Swimathon 2018.

Participating schools will use their national curriculum weekly swim lessons throughout the 2018 Spring Term to improve pupils' swimming ability. This will build up to a final session where pupils challenge themselves to swim further than ever before.

Don’t forget, all pupils who participate in School Swimathon 2018 get free entry to Swimathon 2018 if they are looking for a bigger challenge. For more information, please contact the Swimathon team on info@swimathon.org

How it works

  1. Register

    Teachers register their class online to take part
  2. Try

    Pupils swim as far as they can in their first school swimming session
  3. Improve

    Pupils are coached by their swimming instructors to improve their swimming
  4. Swim your best

    Pupils challenge themselves in their final school swimming session to swim further than they have ever swum before

The Swimathon Foundation

The Swimathon Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. It is the ultimate owner and custodian of the annual Swimathon, Open Water Swimathon and School Swimathon events. Through the staging of these events, the Foundation encourages and allows members of the public - in their tens of thousands each year - to take part in swimming and to raise funds for charity. The main annual Swimathon is now the world's largest pool based fund-raising swim, bringing together swimmers of all ages and abilities and spreading the joys and benefits of swimming whilst raising vital funds for some of the UK's most deserving charities. All this is supported by the Swimathon Foundation's own Community Grants Scheme, operated in conjunction with Swim England, through which the Swimathon Foundation awards grants to local organisations whose projects help to promote swimming in local communities.

The Swimathon Foundation is a charity registered at the Charities Commission Charity Number:1123870

Swim England

Swim England is the national governing body for swimming in England. It helps people learn how to swim, enjoy the water safely, and compete in all aquatic sports.

Swim England’s vision is of a nation swimming and it strives to inspire everyone to enjoy the water in the way that suits them. Each month millions of people are able to enjoy swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming, having been through the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme.

Swim England also supports its members, clubs and athletes, and runs qualification and education programmes to develop the workforce. For more information visit swimming.org/swimengland